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Table 2 Governance of public health care agencies in Australian states/territories

From: Australian health system restructuring – what problem is being solved?

State Current Status Recent changes
NSW 6.64M Centralising by 1 January 2005; regionalised since 1986. Moving from 17 Area Health Services with separate governance authority to 8 Area Health Services within Departmental governance.
Victoria 4.87M Rurals partly regionalised for many years; Melbourne 'networked' since 1995. Melbourne networks restructured from 7 to 12 and names changed in 2000. Rural structures mix of regionalised and atomised.
Q'land 3.71M Centralised at state level since 1996 after 5 years of regionalisation. Long history of centralisation with advisory hospital boards; Regional Health Authorities 1991–1996.
WA 1.93M Centralised at state level in 2001/02. Moved from 'atomised' in Perth to one board in 1997, governance centralised in 2001; state now centralised.
SA 1.52M Regionalised in rural areas since 1995; Adelaide partly regionalising. Moved from atomised to regionalised, with 2 regional and 1 specialised health services in the capital as of July 2004.
Tasmania 0.47M Centralised at state level Moved from atomised to regionalised in 1991; centralised at state level in 1997.
ACT 0.32M Centralised (single city system) Single board for Canberra established in 1996; abolished in 2002.
NT 0.2M Centralised at territory Level Never devolved. Some autonomous Aboriginal Health Services.