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Table 1 Examples of potential (or current) task substitutions

From: Interventions to facilitate health workforce restructure

Task* Traditional professional Substitute professional/assistant
Anaesthesia Anaesthetist Nurse anaesthetist
Clerking of new hospital patients Hospital medical officer Nurse
Closure of wound Surgeon Nurse
Foot care Podiatrist Foot care assistant
Foot surgery Orthopaedic surgeon Podiatric surgeon
Laryngoscopy/Naso-endoscopy ENT surgeon Speech pathologist/Nurse
Maternity care Obstetrician Midwife or GP
Mobilisation assistance Physiotherapist Physiotherapy assistant
Patient management Medical practitioner Nurse practitioner
Plain X-ray Medical imaging technologist X-ray assistant
Refraction Optometrist Orthoptist
Reporting pathology Pathologist Scientist
Reporting X-rays Radiologist Medical imaging technologist
  1. * Performance of the substituted tasks will generally require additional training and clear protocols, and will also depend on the complexity of the condition and the comorbities of the patient