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Table 2 Stakeholders expertise

From: Population health and wellbeing: Identifying priority areas for Victorian children

Indicators of NHPF Subgroups of NHPF Stakeholders Areas of Expertise (numbers of stakeholders)
Health Status and Outcomes Life expectancy and wellbeing Child physical (4)
Child social and emotional wellbeing (9)
  Mortality, morbidity and disability Child disability (3)
Child mental health problems (5)
Childhood injury (2)
Child chronic illnesses (4)
Risk and Protective factors Environmental factors Physical environment (2)
Community environment (4)
Exposure to tobacco smoke (4)
  Socioeconomic factors Economic environment (3)
Child education (5)
Parental employment (1)
  Community capacity Family environment (9)
Social environment (7)
Parental health (1)
  Health behaviours Health behaviours – All (2)
Child physical activity (4)
Child diet and nutrition (3)
Child oral health behaviours (2)
Sun protection (1)
Vaccinations (1)
Injury prevention (2)
  Person-related factors Birth defects (1)
Health behaviours during pregnancy (ie smoking, alcohol, folate) (2)
Services and Interventions   Health service utilization (3)
Maternal and Child Health Programs (1)
Community services (1)
Health promotion programs (1)
Socio-demographic factors   Socioeconomic position (2)
Socioeconomic inequalities (2)
Family structure (1)
Population groups   Socioeconomically disadvantaged groups (4)
Rural and remote area residents (1)
Overseas born (1)
Indigenous Australians (1)
  1. NHPF – National Health Performance Framework