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Table 3 Priority Areas of Child Health Identified by Stakeholders

From: Population health and wellbeing: Identifying priority areas for Victorian children

Themes Areas of Child Health Specific data required by stakeholders
Obesity and determinants Physical activity
1) Need epidemiological data on childhood obesity, physical activity, sedentary behaviours and nutritional intake in Victoria.
2) Need data on mediating and psychosocial variables.
Social and emotional health and wellbeing Social and emotional wellbeing
Behavioural problems
Mental health
1) Need data on the prevalence and distribution of mental health problems.
2) Need data on the adequacy of mental health services and barriers to seeking help.
Family Environment Family environment
Parenting style
Exposure to smoking
1) Families have undergone substantial changes, and we need data on how different family environments impact on children's health.
Health service utilisation Health service utilisation 1) We need data to ensure that our services are meeting the needs of the community, and ensure that people are satisfied with them.
Childhood illness Chronic illness
1) Need data on the prevalence of chronic illness and disability. \par
Community Neighbourhood/Community 1) The community environment impacts on children's health; to get a complete picture of children's health, need to examine the community environment.
Oral health Oral health 1) There are no population data on the oral health status of children, across this proposed age group.
Injury Injury 1) Need data on the prevalence of injuries and how they are treated.
2) Need data on whether families are reducing the risk of injuries by protecting their home.
Pregnancy and breastfeeding Breastfeeding
Smoking in pregnancy
1) Need prevalence data on smoking, alcohol and folate intake during pregnancy.
Socioeconomic position Health inequalities 1) A statewide survey of child health should include the child's socioeconomic position to examine distributional effects of health and program effectiveness.