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Table 2 Management of health and human services by jurisdiction – the state of play in 2004–2005

From: (Re)form with Substance? Restructuring and governance in the Australian health system 2004/05

Jurisdiction Scope Organisational divisions Regions
Australian Government Health and Ageing
Separate authorities for Family and Community Services and Veterans' Affairs
Acute Care
Ageing and Aged Care
Health Services Improvement
Medical and Pharmaceutical Services
Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
Population Health
Portfolio Strategies
Primary Care
Each states and territory is a region
ACT Health
Separate authorities for Disability, Housing and Community Services. ACT Emergency Services Authority provides the ambulance service
Separate Community and Health Services Complaints Commissioner established in late 2004
Allied Health Adviser
Clinical operations
Financial and Risk Management
Government Relations and Planning
Human Resource Management
Information Services
Nursing and Midwifery Office
Population health
None. All services directly managed by the Department
Northern Territory Health and community services
Separate authorities for Community Development, Sport and Cultural Affairs
Separate Health and Community Services Complaints Commission
Aboriginal Health, Family & Social Policy
Acute Care
Community Services
Corporate Management Services
Health Services
Strategy & Quality
None. All services directly managed by the Department
St John Ambulance Service is separately incorporated, as are some Aboriginal Health Services
NSW Health
Separate authorities for Ageing, Disability and Home Care, Housing, Community Services and Medical Research
Separate Health Care Complaints Commission
Health System Performance
Health System Support
Population Health
Strategic Development
8 Area Health Services (no Boards) reporting directly to the department plus:
Ambulance Service of NSW
Children's Hospital at Westmead (with Board of Directors)
Justice Health
Clinical Excellence Commission
NSW Cancer Institute
Queensland Health
Separate authorities for Child Safety, Communities, Emergency Services [including Ambulance Service], Housing, Disability Services
Separate Health Rights Commission of Queensland
Health Services
Innovation and Workforce Reform
Resource Management.
Strategic Policy and Government Liaison
3 Zones
37 Districts within zones
All services directly managed by the Department
South Australia Health
Department of Families and Communities manages other human services, including Aged and Community Care
Separate Health and Community Services Complaints Commission announced in 2004
Separately incorporated bodies deliver ambulance services
Veterans Repatriation Hospital separate
Hospitals and Dom care separate incorporation
Population and Environmental
Healthy SA
Service Planning
State Dental managed in a region
Mental Health managed in a region
Drug and Alcohol managed in a region
SA Health Reform
2 metropolitan health regions and Children, Youth and Women's Health Service with own Boards.
4 country regional health services
Tasmania Health and Human Services
Separate Health Complaints Commissioner
Children and Families
Community, Population and Rural Health
Corporate Services
Hospitals and Ambulance
Housing Tasmania
None. All services directly managed by the Department
Victoria Health and Human Services
Separate Office of the Health Services Commissioner
Office for Children that now reports to Minister for Children
Disability Services
Financial & Corporate Services
Housing & Community Building
Metropolitan Health & Aged Care Services
Policy & Strategic Projects
Rural & Regional Health & Aged Care Services
8 departmental Regions
12 Melbourne networks with own boards within metropolitan regions
71 agencies with own boards in rural regions
Victorian Ambulance Service
Western Australia Health
Separate authorities for Community Development, Disability Services and Housing, Office of Health Review.
Separate Office of Safety and Quality
Clinical Policy Division.
Statewide Health Support
Population Health Division
Country Health Services
Central Wait List Bureau
3 Area Health Services, 1 Country Health Service and Women's and Children's Health Service, all directly managed by the Department
St John Ambulance Service is separately incorporated