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Table 1 Recent Research Achievements, John Curtin School of Medical Research

From: Competition in health research: the experience of the John Curtin School of Medical Research

Year Achievement Researchers(s) Comment Reference
1999 Heparanase cloned Hulett, Freeman and colleagues Inhibiting the enzyme is the basis of cancer treatments based on sulfated polysaccharides Nature Medicine 5:803-809, 1999
2001 First diabetes susceptibility gene identified Slattery and colleagues Serendipitous discovery providing a potential therapeutic target in type 1 diabetes Proc Nat Acad Sci, USA 98:11533-11538, 2001
2002 Amiloride derivatives block ion channel activity and enhancement of virus-like particle budding caused by an HIV-1 protein Gage and colleagues Research on compounds that block viral ion channels raises the possibility of inhibiting viruses that utilize ion channels Eur. Biophys. J. 31:26-35, 2002
2002 Antibody 'tail sequence' identified that has significant implications for immunological memory Martin and Goodnow Finding has wide implications for vaccination, allergy and autoimmunity Nature Immunology 3:182-188, 2002
2002 Phase II clinical trials of PI 88 anti-cancer drug Parish and colleagues Promising results in treating advanced melanoma Eur. J Cancer 38(S7):74, 2002
2003 New approach to vaccination against cancer Parish Approach is potentially less susceptible to immune evasion Immunology and Cell Biology 81, 106-113, 2003.