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Table 1 Data comprising the NOCC collection

From: Routine measurement of outcomes in Australia's public sector mental health services

   Adults Older persons Children and adolescents
Clinician-rated Principal and additional diagnoses
  Mental health legal status
  Health of the Nation Outcomes Scale (HoNOS) [16]   
  Health of the Nation Outcomes Scale 65+ (HoNOS65+) [17]   
  Health of the Nation Outcomes Scale for Children and Adolescents (HoNOSCA) [18]   
  Life Skills Profile 16 (LSP-16) [19, 20]  
  Resource Utilisation Groups – Activities of Daily Living Scale (RUG-ADL) [21]   
  Focus of Care [20]  
  Children's Global Assessment Scale (CGAS) [22]   
  Factors Influencing Health Status (FIHS) [20]   
Consumer-rated Mental Health Inventory (MHI) [23] or Behaviour and Symptom Identification Scale (BASIS-32) [24] or Kessler-10 Plus (K-10+) [25]  
Consumer- and parent-rated Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ)[26]   
  1. Source: Department of Health and Ageing (2003) [27]