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Table 1 Main focus of national initiatives

From: Developments in Australian general practice 2000–2002: what did these contribute to a well functioning and comprehensive Primary Health Care System?

Focus (Number of Programs) Programs
Addressing general capacity issues (8) Carelink (central contact point for information about a range of services)
Divisions of General Practice
Domiciliary Medication Management Review
Enhanced Primary Care (payment incentives to GPs)
More Allied Health Services (in rural areas)
Nursing in General Practice
PHC Research, Evaluation & Development
Practice Incentive Program (payment incentives)
Addressing a specific condition (7) Chronic Disease Initiatives: the National Integrated
Diabetes Program and Asthma
GP Immunisation Incentives
Mental health strategies, including Better Outcomes in Mental Health and Primary Mental Health Care
National Drug and Alcohol strategies including the Illicit Drug Strategy
Rural Chronic Disease Initiatives
Screening: breast and cervical cancer
Smoking, Nutrition, Alcohol & Physical Activity
How services are organised for populations (5) Aged care
After Hours Primary Medical Care
Coordinated Care Trials
PHC Access Program (remote areas)
Regional Health Strategy program
Treatment modalities (2) National Prescribing Service initiatives Sharing health care (self management)