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Table 3 Aspects of the primary health care system best and least well served by recent initiatives

From: Developments in Australian general practice 2000–2002: what did these contribute to a well functioning and comprehensive Primary Health Care System?

PHC Model aspect Components best supported Components supported to some extent Components least supported
Functions Ongoing care for chronic and complex conditions Facilitating and coordinating care Prevention, early detection and risk factor management Episodic care (eg After Hours care) Strengthening community capacity (largely through indigenous programs and the Regional Health Strategy) Healthy public policy (although this is addressed to some extent through the Divisions' movement) Safe and healthy environments Promoting normal development
Approaches Multidisciplinary care Multiple and systematic strategies Evidence based Building consumer capacity Working across sectors Working within a socio-ecological framework
Capacity GP workforce Leadership Planning and collaboration processes Local and State organisational structures and partnerships IT/IM systems Service planning GP patient access to allied health and consulting pharmacy services Coherent P HC Policy across Commonwealth and State Training in team work, especially across organisations Monitoring, QI & evaluation
Indicators Workforce distribution Utilisation of PHC services Accredited practices GP chronic disease indicators Access Sustainability