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Table 1 The transfer of ATSIC programs to Australian government departments and portfolios. Source: [8]

From: Mutual obligation, shared responsibility agreements & indigenous health strategy

Australian Government Portfolio/Department
   ATSIC program transferred
Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs
   Indigenous rights
   International Issues
   Public Information
   Planning and Partnership Development
   Community Participation Agreements
   Native Title and Land Rights
   Indigenous Women's Development
   Indigenous Women
   Office of Torres Strait Islander Affairs
Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs Portfolio
   Indigenous Land Fund
   Indigenous Land Corporation
   Torres Strait Regional Authority
   Registrar of Aboriginal Corporations
   Regional Councils
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Services
   ATSIC Housing Fund
   ATSIC's functions under the Native Title Act
   Business loans and program grants made by ATSIC before 1 July 2003
   Administration of the Regional Land Fund
Department of Employment and Workplace Relations
   Community Development and Employment
   Business Development program
Employment and Workplace Relations Portfolio
   Indigenous Business Australia
Department of Family and Community Services
   Community Housing and Infrastructure
   Family Violence
- Family Violence Prevention (shared with Attorney-General's Department)
- Family Violence Partnership program
Family and Community Services Portfolio
   Aboriginal Hostels Limited
Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts
   Arts, Culture and Language
   Sport and Recreation
Department of Health and Ageing
   Effective Family Tracing and Reunion Services
Department of the Environment and Heritage
   Maintenance and Protection of Indigenous Heritage
Attorney-General's Department
   Legal and Preventative
   Family Violence Prevention (shared with Department of Family and Community Services)
Education, Science and Training Portfolio
   Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
Finance and Administration Portfolio
   Office of Evaluation and Audit