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Archived Comments for: The development of national injury prevention policy in the Australian health sector: and the unmet challenges of participation and implementation

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  1. Policy needed on Injury Prevention

    David Sleet, Centers for Disease Control, USA (Injury Center)

    6 December 2006

    Australia is heading in the right direction. This article should stimulate discussion in Australia on how best to implement a policy that promises to reduce the burden of Injury in Australia. It is long overdue.

    Canada has just released its "Way Forward" in a 113 page document "Ending Canada's Invisible Epidemic" with a strategy policy for injury prevention. McClure et al. have done a valuable service by bringing this issue to discussion.

    Competing interests

    Author was employed by the Health Department of Western Australia in 1989-91 to develop a statewide injury control plan and co-authored INJURY IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA in 1991.