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Table 9 Possible timetable for the application process

From: The Australian experiment: the use of evidence based medicine for the reimbursement of surgical and diagnostic procedures (1998–2004)

Week Process
Week 0 Application lodged with the Health Technology Section.
Week 1 Written information to Applicant that application has been received and deemed eligible.
Week 2 Project Officer from the Health Technology Section allocated.
Weeks 2 – 8 Formation of Advisory Panel – letters sent out to relevant 'Craft Groups' for nominations.
Weeks 2 – 8 Evaluators appointed by Health Technology Section and requested to draft a protocol.
Week 10 First meeting of the Advisory Panel and Evaluators – refinement of draft protocol.
Week 12 Draft protocol sent out to Applicant for comments.
Week 14 Comments on draft protocol reviewed by Chairperson of the Advisory Panel and other members of panel if necessary.
Weeks 15 – 28 Evaluators evaluate Application.
Week 29 Evaluators draft Assessment Report presented to the Advisory Panel.
Weeks 30 – 31 Any reviews of draft Assessment Report carried out by the Evaluators.
Weeks 31 – 35 Reviewed draft Assessment Report sent out to Applicant for comments.
Week 36 Response to the Applicants comments to the Advisory Panel by Evaluators.
Next scheduled MSAC Meeting Assessment Report (complete with recommendation by the Advisory Panel) and Applicant's comments presented to the MSAC meeting (held every three months).
2 weeks post Meeting. Recommendation of the MSAC sent to the Minister.
6 weeks post Meeting. Decision by Minister of Health and Ageing.