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Table 1 List of Commonwealth/National and State Policies examined

From: Depression in multicultural Australia: Policies, research and services

Commonwealth National Mental Health Policy, 1992 [66]
Commonwealth Mental Health Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, 1991 [67]
Commonwealth National Standards for Mental Health Services, 1996 [9]
Commonwealth Second National Mental Health Plan, 1998 [68]
Commonwealth Mental Health Promotion and Prevention National Action Plan Under the Second National Mental Health Plan: 1998–2003, 1999 [69]
Commonwealth National Action Plan for Promotion, Prevention and Early Intervention for Mental Health, 2000 [4]
Commonwealth Youth suicide in Australia: the national youth suicide prevention strategy, 1997 [70]
Commonwealth National Action Plan for Depression, 2000 [6]
Commonwealth Life – A framework for prevention of suicide and self-harm in Australia, 2000 [7]
Australian Capital Territory The future of Mental Health Service in the Australian Capital Territory – Moving Towards 2000 and Beyond – A Whole of Territory Strategic Plan 1998–2001, 1998 [71]
New South Wales Caring for Mental Health – A Framework for Mental Health Care in NSW, 1998 [72]
  Caring for Older People's Mental Health – A Strategy for the Delivery of Mental Health Care for Older People in NSW, 1998 [73]
  Caring for Mental Health in a Multicultural Society – A Strategy for the Mental Health Care of People from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds, 1999 [28]
  Getting in Early – A Framework for Early Intervention and Prevention in Mental Health for Young People in NSW, 2001 [74]
Tasmania Tasmanian Multicultural Policy, 2001 [75]
  Rural Mental Health Plan, 2001–2004, 2001 [76]
  A Plan for Now and the Future – Strategic Plan for 1999–2002, 1999 [77]
Western Australia Making a Commitment – The Mental Health Plan for WA, 1996 [78]
  Transculturally Orientated Mental Health Services, 2001 [26]
Queensland Queensland Health non-English speaking background mental health policy statement, 1995 [27]
  Ten year mental health strategy of Queensland, 1996 [79]
  Queensland Health Multicultural Policy Statement, 2000 [80]
South Australia A New Millennium – A new beginning, 2000–2005 – Mental Health in South Australia, 2000 [81]
Victoria Victoria's Mental Health Services: Framework for service delivery, 1996 [31]
  Improving services for people from a non-English speaking background, 1996 [29]
  New Directions for Victoria's Mental Health Services: The next five years, 2002 [82]