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Table 2 List of issues addressed by State Transcultural Mental Health Policies

From: Depression in multicultural Australia: Policies, research and services

◦ access and equity
◦ effectiveness and efficiency
◦ coordination, continuity of care
◦ mental health services/service providers
◦ staff development/education/training
◦ planning which meets the community's needs
◦ collaborations and partnerships with ethnic minority communities, consumers and caregivers
◦ delivering culturally sensitive services
◦ community education/support
◦ providing information which supports access
◦ interpreters/language services
◦ general practice
◦ support for ethnic minority community workers
◦ assuring quality
◦ data collection
◦ research
◦ service utilisation
◦ monitoring and evaluation
◦ the role of specialised transcultural mental health services
◦ mental health promotion
◦ special target groups