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Table 1 Political party affiliations of MPs using or attacking SHS research (in parliamentary speeches or questions 2000–2005) and MP voting patterns in 2003 on extending smokefree policies (for MPs on the Health Select Committee during 2000–2003)

From: The use and misuse of health research by parliamentary politicians during the development of a national smokefree law

  MPs using or attacking SHS research Voting pattern by the MPs on the Health Select Committeeb
Partya For Against Total For Against Total
Greens Kedgley 0 1 Kedgley 0 1
Labour Chadwick, Dyson, Hughes, King, O'Connor, Turiac 0 6 Chadwick, Hartley, Hereora, Mahuta, O'Connor, Yates 0 6
NZ First Paraone Jones, Peters, Woolerton 4 Paraone 0 1
United Future Turner Adams, Dunne, Alexander 4 Turner 0 1
National Hutchinson, Scott Carter, Worth 4 Hutchinson, Scott Collins, Sowry 4
ACT 0 Coddington, Roy 2 0 Roy 1
Total 11 10 21 11 3 14
  1. a – Descending order approximately represents the "left to right" political gradient of the political parties.
  2. b – Phillida Bunkle was a member in 2000–2002, but was not re-elected in 2002.
  3. c – Tariana Turia spoke as a Labour Party MP in 2001, but later became a Maori Party MP.