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Table 2 'Policy areas' that influence physical activity environments (related to Australian context)

From: A systematic policy approach to changing the food system and physical activity environments to prevent obesity

Sector Level of governance
  Local Government State Government National Government International Organisational
Infrastructure and planning • Land use management (zoning) • Urban planning • Roads   
  • Walking environment • Roads    
  • Cycling environment     
Education   • Physical education in schools    • School policies on physical education, physical activity and sport
   • Facilities for physical activity in schools    
Employment   • Building design standards    
Transport • Public transport • Public transport • Taxation policies on cars • Trade arrangements on motor vehicles • School travel policies
  • Parking restrictions • Traffic control    
  • Traffic control   • Taxation incentives for using public transport   
Sport and recreation • Facilities for physical activity -built structures • Public liability    
   • Access of general community to school sport facilities    
  • Facilities for physical activity -open spaces     
  • Public liability