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Table 3 Key physical activity policy events in Australia+ 1995/6 – 2005/6

From: The rise and fall of Australian physical activity policy 1996 – 2006: a national review framed in an international context

1995 • USA: Physical Activity and Public Health – A Recommendation from CDC and ACSM
  • Physical Activity and Health: a special communication from the NSW Chief Health Officer'
  • Active and inactive Australians' research report published
1996 • Towards best practice for physical activity in the areas of NSW
  • USA: Physical activity and health: a report of the Surgeon General
  • NSW Physical Activity Task Force established by Premier, launched by Deputy Premier
  • Active Australia concept commences
1997 • Acting on Australia's weight: a strategic plan for the prevention of overweight and obesity published
  • Active Australia – A National Participation Framework launched by Federal Ministers
  • First Active Australia Survey conducted
1998 • First Active Australia Campaign (25–60 yrs) implemented in NSW February-March
  • Developing an Active Australia: A framework for action for physical activity and health
  • launched by Federal Health Minister
1999 • Active Australia Media Campaign (older adults targeted, 55–75 years)
  • SIGPAH inaugural meeting in Canberra 6–7 May
  • National Physical Activity Guidelines for adults released by Australian Government (May)
  • Burden of Disease and Injury in Australia published by AIHW (November)
  • Active Australia Alliance established – national level intersectoral planning
2000 • Review of Active Australia/consultation for Backing Australia's Sporting Ability
  • Endorsement of Active Australia Alliance National Plan 2000–2003 deferred
  • The Costs of Illness Attributable to Physical Inactivity in Australia published (July) [2000]
2001 • Backing Australia's Sporting Ability released by Prime Minister (April) [2001]
2002 • Getting Australia Active: towards better practice for the promotion of physical activity (review of evidence) published (March)
  • National Obesity Taskforce established (November
2003 • Healthy Weight 2008 endorsed by Australian Health Ministers (November
2004 • Australian Prime Minister announces $116M funding package over 4 years to implement
 Building a Healthy Active Australia initiative (June) [2004]
  • National physical activity recommendations for 5–12 and 12–18 year olds (July)
  • WHO Global Strategy on Diet, Physical and Health (DPAS) released
2005 • Physical activity guide for older Australians released (April)
  • Be Active Australia: A Framework for Health Sector Action for Physical Activity 2005 -
  • 2010 (July)
  • National Chronic Disease Strategy endorsed by Australian Health Ministers (November)
2006 • Australian Government publication of Healthy Weight for Adults and Older Australians – a
  • national action agenda to address overweight and obesity in adults and older Australians
  • AusPANet established as an independent initiative mid 2006 under the auspices of the National Heart Foundation of Australia and the University of Sydney; AusPANet. was set up to build knowledge and capacity in the physical activity workforce (website, fortnightly e-News bulletin, 'ask an expert' function [from 2007]
  1. + some key international events included because of impact in Australia.
  2. NSW: New South Wales ; AIHW: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare; AusPANet: Australian Physical Activity Network