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Table 1 High-ranking interventions in Portfolio 1 Goal: Health Determinant: access to fruit and vegetables (f&v), assessment of actions at one year ( = not started, = some progress, = significant progress). Management objective: to increase and sustain access to high quality, safe affordable fruit and vegetables

From: Selecting interventions to promote fruit and vegetable consumption: from policy to action, a planning framework case study in Western Australia

Policy interventions
Public Policy development
1. Develop and support f&v consumption guidelines and position statements-
2. Develop and support nutrition policies promoting f&v in schools-
Legislation and regulation
3. Advocate for legislation for restriction of food advertising directed at children-
Community & organisational development (including organisational policy)
4. Support local initiatives and organisations to develop and implement food and nutrition policies and improve access to f&v-
5. Encourage the development of retailer training policies for handling f&v e.g. 'Retailer of the year' award-
Program interventions
Incentives (financial and non-financial)
6. Support award schemes that increase access to f&v for consumers:-
- Worksite
- Childcare & Schools (e.g. STARCAP1 and Start Right-Eat Right2)
- Hospitality (e.g. Gold Plate Award3)
- Supplier/retailer and transport operator accreditation/incentive schemes
- Product awards (e.g. WA Nutrition Awards4)
Service Development and delivery
7. Support the promotion of f&v in hospitality and catering training-
8. Support ongoing systems and food safety training e.g. HACCP5, SQF6 and approved supply programs-
Communication (including social marketing)
9. Support dissemination of FSANZ policies and promotional materials relating to f&v-
10. Provide consumers with promotional materials on best conditions for storing fresh foods through retail outlets-
Collaboration/partnerships(community and intersectoral
11. Support welfare agencies in the provision of f&v (e.g. FoodBank3)-
Infrastructure support
Identification and surveillance of determinants
12. Collect and analyse information to assess f&v supply, cost, quality, access, sales/marketing (e.g. Market basket survey)-
Information systems
13. Develop systems to improve communication of f&v marketing & information through the supply chain eg price, quality, volume statistics-
Research and development capacity
14. Identify f&v supply issues in rural and regional development plans and make recommendations for action-
15. Identify and test assumptions about critical factors impacting on price, quality and access to f&v – remote, rural and urban-
Plant and equipment
16. Advocate for appropriate f&v storage facilities in remote community stores-
17. Establishment of a Western Australian Taskforce on Equity in Food Access-
  1. 1 Star Canteen Accreditation Program, 2 [45], 3 Foodbank Western Australia, 4 WA Nutrition Awards, 5 HACCP Based Food Safety Programmes and Endorsements, 6 Safe Quality Food Institute