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Table 2 High-ranking interventions in Portfolio 2 Goal: Health Determinant: consumption of 375 g vegetables (5 servings) and 300 g (2 servings) fruit daily (f&v), assessment of actions at one year ( = not started, = some progress, = significant progress). Management objective: to increase consumption of fruit and vegetables by people in Western Australia to meet or exceed recommendations

From: Selecting interventions to promote fruit and vegetable consumption: from policy to action, a planning framework case study in Western Australia

Policy interventions
Public Policy development
18. Encourage whole of government organisations' policies to support f&v consumption-
Resources allocation
19. Support DOH resources allocated to support f&v mass media campaign: TV, radio, press, publications, point of sale, school activities, sponsorships, retailer and food service promotions-
Community & organisational development (including organisational policy)
Encourage the development of school/childcare food and nutrition policies and canteen foodservice guidelines e.g. STARCAP1, Start right – Eat Right2-
Program interventions
20. Increase the emphasis on the nutrition component in teacher training-
21. Address barriers to conducting school visits to f&v production sites and markets-
Communication (including social marketing)
22. Support statewide f&v campaigns consistent with Australian dietary guidelines recommendations e.g. retailer point-of-sale promotions, co-promotions/branding (e.g. Go for 2&5®4) –
23. Increase public awareness of individual's health and economic benefits of eating more f&v (e.g. FOODcents5)-
Collaboration/partnership building (community and intersectoral)
Promote f&v tastings and demonstrations-
Infrastructure support
Identification and surveillance of determinants
24. Collect and analyse information to assess consumption and consumer attitudes to f&v-
Information systems
25. Disseminate research (e.g. publish food consumption and trends)-
Research and development capacity
26. Research best practice programs to increase f&v consumption-
27. Release f&v guidelines-
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