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Table 1 NQPS key components

From: National quality and performance system for Divisions of General Practice: early reflections on a system under development

  Components and processes
National Performance Indicators 52 National indicators spanning government priorities
     • Governance
     • Prevention and early intervention,
     • Access
     • Integration
     • Chronic disease management
  Compulsory reporting against a subset of national indicators and choice in reporting against local programs
  PIs underpinned by a conceptual framework and technical details 4 levels of indicators from processes through to client outcomes
Accreditation Requirement for all Divisions to become accredited by June 2008
  Once accredited, Divisions no longer required to report on governance indicators
Performance Assessment Performance against indicators is to feed into individual performance appraisal
  At the national level, analysis and benchmarking support comparison and provide an aggregated picture of performance
  Links to rewards (still to be determined) to reward high performance and support improvement