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Table 1 Documents included in the review

From: Evaluating health policy capacity: Learning from international and Australian experience

Jurisdiction Document
Canada Canadian Government (1996) Strengthening Our Policy Capacity. Report of the Task Force on Strengthening the Policy Capacity of the Federal Government.
  Manitoba Office of the Provincial Auditor (2001) A Review of the Policy Development Capacity Within Government Departments.
United Kingdom UK Cabinet Office (1999) Professional Policy Making for the Twenty-First Century. Strategic Policy Making Team.
  Bullock, H, Mountford J et al (1999) Better Policy Making. London, Centre for Management and Policy Studies, Cabinet Office
New Zealand State Services Commission (1999) Essential Ingredients: Improving the Quality of Policy Advice.
  State Services Commission (1999) Looping the Loop: Evaluating Outcomes and Other Risky Feats.
  State Services Commission (1999) High Fliers: Developing High Performing Policy Units.
  State Services Commission (2000) Pieces of the Puzzle: Machinery of Government and the Quality of Policy Advice.
  State Services Commission (2000) Gaining Through Training: Developing High Performing Policy Advisors.
  Wright (1999) Strategic Policy Advice: Improving the Information Base. New Zealand State Services Commission.
  Wolf (2000) Building Advice: The Craft of the Policy Professional. New Zealand State Services Commission.
Australia Australian National Audit Office (2002) Developing Policy Advice. Audit Report No. 21, 2001–2002.
  Victorian Auditor-General's Office (2004) Report on Public Sector Agencies: Results of Special Reviews and Other Studies, August 2004.
  Australian Public Service Commission (2004) Connecting Government: Whole of Government Responses to Australia's Priority Challenges. Management Advisory Committee, APSC, Commonwealth of Australia.