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Table 3 Organisational mechanisms used by departments of health in Australia in 2004 to secure health economics advice and the economic functions that these mechanisms might serve.

From: How do government health departments in Australia access health economics advice to inform decisions for health? A survey

  Internal Mechanisms External Mechanisms
Organisational mechanism Function Qualification s include appreciation of economics or health economics in coursework. Staff training/NSW Public Health Officer Training Program Staff with economic qualifications Specialist H/E training programs Health economist position Health economics units Consultancy for service Contracted advice Contracted advice by tender Collaborative research centres
1. Appreciation of how economics fits into multi- disciplinary analysis of public health problems Y Y Y Y Y Y     
2. Advanced appreciation of economics concepts and methods, able to frame issues, formulate questions and obtain advice   Y Y Y Y Y Y    
3. Economic analysis of (simple) problems and issues, requiring literature searches, appraisal, synthesis and interpretation.   Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y  
4. A capacity to respond quickly to emerging and emergency issues     Y Y Y     
5. Conducting economics evaluations and other studies, with appropriate methods    Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
6. Application of economic findings to priority setting, emerging issues and decision- making      Y Y Y Y Y Y
7. A priority- driven, policy relevant research program      Y Y   Y Y Y
8. An investigator-led research program           Y