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Table 2 Classification of public health: top two levels of all classes

From: A multidimensional classification of public health activity in Australia

Top-level class Level 2 subclasses
Functions Assess health of populations   
Primary: Promote health and prevent disease, disability and injury
  Protect from threats to health
Instrumental Ensure public health capability
  Build the evidence base for public health
Health issues Health and well-being Injury
  Diseases and conditions Disability and functioning
Determinants of Health Environmental Socioeconomic External causes of injury
  Person-level Health system  
Methods Advocacy and lobbying Health impact assessment Research and evaluation
  Communicable disease control specific Immunisation Road safety methods
  Community action Infection control Screening to detect disease/risk factors
  Community development Legislation and regulation Social action
  Counselling Lifestyle advice Social marketing
  Diagnosis Management of biological risk Training and workforce development methods
  Directed investment Monitoring and surveillance Treatment methods
  Environmental monitoring Personal skills development Urban planning methods
  Epidemiologic methods Political action Vector control methods
  Exercise of capabilities Public policy development Waste management methods
  Food safety methods Radiation safety methods Other methods of intervention
  Health education Remediation of environment methods  
Settings Educational settings Home settings Other settings
  Healthcare settings Workplace settings Includes LOCATIONS – classification of geographical areas (e.g. postcodes).
  Local government and communities settings Transport settings  
Resources and infrastructure Administrative infrastructure Organisational systems Technical infrastructure
  Funds Partnerships Time
  Information systems Physical infrastructure Workforce
  Legislative infrastructure Policies Workforce development capacity
  1. Source: Gruszin S, Jorm L, Churches T, Straton J: Public Health Classifications Project Phase One: Final Report: Report to the National Public Health Partnership Group. Melbourne: National Public Health Partnership; 2005.